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Swedish massage focuses on the entire body, using light to firm pressure to increase circulation in your muscles and provide complete head-to-toe relaxation. Whether you have sore muscles from sitting at your computer or your family life is totally stressing you out, it’s time to turn off that cell phone, give yourself time to decompress, and restore balance to your body and mind.


Elevated stress hormones wreak havoc on your body, leading to a weakened immune system, greater risk of high blood pressure, increased levels of anxiety and even weight gain. Swedish massage is here to help, switching your nervous system from a state of stress to a state of rest and reducing the body’s stress hormone levels.

Regular massage also aids in the recovery from an injury, by not only bringing blood, oxygen and nutrients to the area, but also by promoting the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers.

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Therapeutic / Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is different from a relaxation massage because it targets specific muscles and areas of tension. This type of massage therapy facilitates the natural release of a muscle through the use of slow and deliberate pressure. It’s also used to break up adhesions that cause pain and limit range of motion and muscle function.

By providing circulation to these areas, there will be a significant decrease in chronic pain and tension. Each session is designed around your specific needs and recovery goals and is recommended on a regular basis for you to benefit fully.


  • Old injuries – such as whip lash from a car accident
  • Sports related injuries – such as a pulled quad from running
  • Repetitive strain injuries – such as chronic shoulder pain from using a mouse everyday

Scar tissue forms after an injury to repair and strengthen the area. However, it doesn’t realign properly with the muscle fibers or have the same flexibility that the healthy tissue had. This results in limited mobility and function of the muscle and a decrease in circulation to the area.

Once circulation is limited, nutrients and oxygen from the blood can no longer reach the tissue. Waste products, trapped inside, are also unable to be released resulting in pain.

Deep Tissue is effective because it is a focused form of massage therapy that is designed to address these specific issues. It will visibly loosen muscle tissue, break up adhesions, alleviate pain and increase range of motion.

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This is a very exciting time in your life. Becoming a mother is a wonderfully special experience that provides a unique bond between yourself and your baby. As fabulous as these nine months can be, it’s not uncommon to feel anxious and overwhelmed at the new changes you’re going through.

Pregnancy massage provides relief to the different muscles that are now experiencing tension because of your growing belly. It also reduces the anxiety and depression that usually accompany this major life-changing event.

This 60 – 75 minute session allows you to set aside some uninterrupted time, time away from your work, finances and other daily stressors, to be present in your body with your growing baby.


When done on a regular basis, studies have shown that Pregnancy massage reduces stress hormones leading to lower levels of anxiety. The relaxation associated with this type of massage also helps reduce depression by increasing the Serotonin and Dopamine levels in your body.

Massage during pregnancy improves swelling and nerve pain (most commonly sciatica) by reducing muscular tension and increasing circulation to the surrounding tissues and joints.

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What a fantastic way to connect with your partner, friend or family member! Take some uninterrupted time out of your day, to spend some quality time with someone you love.

What you need to know:

  • Both of you will be in the same room
  • You will each have your own therapist
  • Each of your massages is completely customizable, so you don't have to get the same thing (ex. Prenatal and Deep Tissue)

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